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Sfty's award-winning solution for apartment buildings gives property managers and residents security, both in terms of fire safety and burglary as well as with alerts when humidity and temperatures exceed the set values. In addition, residents get access to a set of personal security services.

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    Send us your building details

    We would be happy to receive details on your apartment building, such as number of apartments, size of apartments and/or the blueprints, so that we can present you with a customised offer.

  2. 2
    Efficient installation

    The installation is performed efficiently for all units and common areas. After completing the installation, we will do a functionality test and train the building administration if necessary.

  3. 3
    Easy to use

    As property manager or administrator, you don't have to worry about maintenance. The system maintains itself and alerts both administrators and residents automatically when something happens in the building, or if you simply need to replace the batteries in the smoke detectors.

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