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Privacy Policy

  1. Sfty delivers an Internet-based sfty home security solution, which may include the use of the sfty Sense device (“sfty Sense”), sfty water detector, the sfty Control web portal ("sfty Control"), and the sfty App ("sfty App") collectively “the Services”. As a Norwegian company, we comply with the Norwegian Personal Data Act. As a company who process personal data of citizens of the EU, we also comply with the REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) (“GDPR”). Any information which can be used to identify an individual person is herein referred to as “User Data”. Any User Data related to the Services will always be handled in accordance with this privacy policy.

  1. This section provides you with information regarding what User Data we obtain and process while providing our Services to you, how we use this User Data and whom we share such User Data with. Failure to provide any requested User Data may result in the Services not functioning properly as a security solution: In order for your Trustees to be notified e.g. in the event of fire or burglary, it is vital that the correct User Data is registered. Further, as a collective alarm system, the system is dependent upon correct information from each Sensor device and its user(s) in order to report correct and complete information e.g. to the fire brigade, the police, etc. Finally, the "Follow me" and "Help me" services will not function properly unless the person who wants to be followed or "helped" registers certain User Data in the system and accepts GPS tracking of his or her movements.

  1. Data handling procedures for User data: The User data is collected and stored by the Provider on servers located in the European Union. The Provider has established and complies with technical and organizational measures relating to confidentiality, integrity, availability and quality in the processing of User Data that are necessary to ensure satisfactory information security in accordance with the Norwegian Personal Data Act and GDPR.

  1. We may share User Data with our subcontractors to the extent necessary for the functionality of the Services. We currently use three subcontractors: Amazon Web Services ("AWS") is a cloud platform and web services provider, hosting our complete system including all User Data. All data resides on servers located in the EU. AWS does not have access to User Data. The second subcontractor, Ideas World Ltd ("IW") performs monitoring, maintenance and upgrading of our system, and is located outside of the EU/EEA. To perform its tasks as a subcontractor, IW has access to all data in our system, including User Data. The third subcontractor is Safe4 Security Group AS, who delivers alarm station services: They receive alarm signals from our system and acts upon these in accordance with agreed procedures, e.g. contacting residents for verification of fire in the event of an alarm, and calling the fire brigade in the event of fire. The fourth subcontractor is Resideo Technologies Inc, who through its Danish subsidiary Satcom1 Integration Services ApS processes sensor data for sfty's water detector. Your use of these sensors is subject to the latest version of Resideo's End User Licence Agreement, and Resideo processes your personal data as described in their Privacy Policy. Resideo shares data from your water detector (for example, humidity levels in your home and when/where a leak has been detected) with Sfty and possibly with the housing association you live in. All our subcontractors are bound by data processor agreements, including annexes, which ensure compliance with GDPR.

  1. Which User Data we obtain and process: When registering in the sfty App, you are asked to provide your necessary contact information, i.e. your name, mobile phone number and, if you choose to do so, your email address. We also store the geographic location of the Sensor device when it is linked up. Furthermore, we will store the contact information of all registered users in the household and data related to functionality and use of the Sensor device(s), for instance smoke, temperature, humidity in the room, the remaining battery capacity of the Sensor, and status for network connectivity. If you make use of the burglar alarm, data related to activation/de-activation of the alarm, movement detected when the alarm is enabled, and triggered alarms will be stored.

  1. Where the Services are installed in an apartment building, e.g. in a housing association or cooperative, representatives for the association with administrator access (e.g. a fire coordinator or property owner) will have access to the residents’ contact information and the status of the network connection and battery capacity for all the Sensor devices within the housing association. This is to enable them to keep track of the fire safety situation in the housing association.

  1. Where the Services are installed in an apartment building, e.g. in a housing association or cooperative, you may choose to register in the sfty App the fact that you require assistance in the event of fire. This information is available to the alarm station only (if alarm station connectivity is part of the Services), and the fire brigade in the event of fire. This information is also available to the fire coordinator in the housing association or cooperative in the event of a confirmed fire.

  1. Data retention and deletion policy: User Data related to the Services will only be used to fulfil our obligations under the Agreement, for provision and improvement of the Services, and to fulfil our obligations according to national law. We may use anonymized and statistical information obtained from User Data stored in our system to optimize, develop and provide current and new services.

  1. The information described in 5, 6 and 7 is stored until a Sensor is deleted from a user or changes owner, at which point all usage data related to that Sensor is deleted.

  1. User Data related to your location will only be stored if you invite one or more people to follow you using the “Follow Me” service or send alerts via the “Help Me” service. This information is stored for as long as you wish, as you can change the duration of this in the sfty App, under "Settings" -- "Privacy".

  2. You may at any time send us a written request to post@sfty.com asking to access, rectify, erase or restrict the processing of personal data which we process in order to provide the Services and/or store in our solution. You may also exercise you right to withdraw any given consent at any time. Such withdrawal shall be sent to us in writing. Please note that restricting our access to certain information about you may impair or reduce the functionality of the Services for you and may in some cases exclude you from the use of the Services altogether. You may also exercise your right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority in your country.